Monday, February 21, 2011

First Post

Well I have joined a group called Girls Gang over at Traditional Pastimes.  This is a Jan Patek group but for this year some are doing her new designs and other are doing a different quilt called Coxcomb Medallion by Susan Garman.  Well I was very hesitant on both of the projects, as Jan's instructions are not the greatest and they can cause great confusion for an in-experienced quilter.  The Coxcomb Medallion has this HUGE applique section that is the center piece of the quilt - I have no clue how to applique so I was really tossed as I did not want to hate this quilt as much as I hate my Gone to Texas (as I did not know how to do HST).

By the time the club was over, I decided to do the Coxcomb Medallion!!  One of the ladies at Traditional Pastimes is doing an Applique course in April and she is full but will allow me to come in - what a very nice lady to allow me in - who knows nothing about applique to come in to a full class.

Then on Thursday,  I received a phone call from her and she was thinking of me and how the applique class is not until April and how I probably want to start on the club applique so we talked and we are going to meet on March 2 for a one on one lesson on how to applique....  What a very nice lady, to take time out of her evening to help someone that they barely know.  This touched me in such away that I don't think I will ever forget.  So if you are ever in Calgary and looking for a place to find some fabric, notions, friendship, clubs whatever it is in Quilting that you need or want PLEASE stop by Traditional Pastimes and check them out, they are all supper FRIENDLY.

Here is the Quilt that I am going to be working on for the year!  It looks hard but really I think it should be pretty easy except for the applique.

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