Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pinwheel Fixed

I have fixed my pinwheels, and now I have 12 - 3" pinwheels.  I am so excited that I have these completed and now I can just focus on doing the applique for the rest of the time...
But, they are not trimmed yet as I don't think they are correct.  The paper piecing should be easy to do but I was so right on that I did not allow myself any give and I think some might be out a little.  So if there is any material left over I might have to redo some the old way....


  1. Hey there girly, if you did the paper piecing they should be bang on!! No trimming required ;)

  2. That is what I thought, but it did not work out yet... I am thinking that the other way is more for me....or maybe just make my blocks a little bigger and trim down.