Thursday, March 10, 2011


Do to the weather that we were experiencing last week, we cancelled my one on one applique lesson...  I was really upset about this as I was really looking forward to learning this and see how much I could have done for club on the 16th..

So Evelyn is going to show me the night of club, hopefully I will be able to get it cut and based on to the fabric...  My good friend Yankee Valley Stitcher is going to try and show me as well if our time table ever seem to be available at the same time.

On March 16th it will be our second Club for the year, and I really can't wait to go as I have a few things to pick up there for some blocks that I am working on besides this one.  And meet up with another friend that I meet in Blogland - which is really cool as you are their followers but you never know if you will ever meet them or not..  Her Blog is Quilt I.T. and she is a doll, for just starting to quilt she is very good at it and She is working on the Bicycles for this Club, check out her blog the Bicycles look great!!

Hopefully next weekend I can show you some of my applique that I have gotten done even if it is just based on the background.

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  1. Awwww Shauna, you are too kind! I can't wait to see you at club too. You are right though, it is rare to meet people from blogland in person. I am so glad that I got to meet you, Yankee Valley Stitcher, and everyone else at club. The day after last club, I was already exciting about next week's club! :)

    Don't worry, we will get you going on the applique!