Monday, February 21, 2011

Month 1

So for month 1 we need to do the following:
Center Applique set on point
12 – 3” Pinwheels
2 – 6” sampler blocks – Evening Star, Friendship Star

As in my first post, I don't know how to applique so I have signed up for a class...  Waiting for the class I have decide to do the Pinwheels and Evening and Friendship Stars.  Since I have gotten really good at Half Square Triangles I thought that is was going to be easy as pie...  Well they through a little loop into this, you can do your HST for the pinwheels and stars by paper piecing...  Well I don't like things always the same, as I am always willing to try different things and I thought that paper piecing should be easier then all that cutting, right...

So I went to working cutting my squares for the paper piecing, I then followed the instructions for how to sew and bam all my HST are completed - wow that did not take very long at all.  Still not convinced that this is the way I want to continue making the HST.

I have completed the Stars

I have finished the pinwheels as well, but I only got 6 correct so I have to rip out 6 as they are incorrect....

Well I will fix the other 6 on a different day.  Till then.


  1. Look'n good! I love the colors they have chosen for this quilt. I can't wait to see it come together!

  2. Thanks, Sylv. I love the colours as well. I am just excited about the applique part and see what that looks like...