Thursday, July 28, 2011

Month 4 - DONE!!

I am really not sure where I am getting all this sewing energy from.  I promised my hubby that I would cleaning around the house before I start sewing... So far I have kept the promise, I have cleaned Roy's bathroom (who knew a 4 year old could be so MESSY) - that gave me the rest to sew YES!  Cleaned the kitchenish - stove top, counters, empty dishwasher, floors - Some more sewing for me...Then this morning I woke up extra early (6 am), Cleaned the oven.... NO I don't have self clean so wishing I did.  Vacuumed the floors and Roy wanted the couch done too so we did that...

Child Labour???
So you have probably noticed his get up... Yes, he was outside feeding the horses and letting the dogs out for a run etc. as soon as he walked in the door, bam down to this... I don't know what it is with him but at least he leaves the undies on...  one thing, how do you vacuum without picking up... Well Roy learnt the hard way today, as I told him we have to pick up his stuff, well he just moved it around - why not put it away...Enough back to the quilt talk

Well I have finished Month 4 - as posted previously, I was really behind.  I am now completely done month 4 and moving on to Month 5.

Broken Dishes

More Pinwheels

Birds in the Sky

Northern Lights

So month 5 is a little different, they give you blocks etc. but you are to add them to Month 1 – APPLIQUE block…. Seeing how I am not doing the appliqué and just putting something else in its place.  I went to get the other part for this… I had it, I showed the girls because I was having issues with it.  Now it has disappeared… So I just have to build the blocks and not worry about the rest at this moment in time…So on to the hunt for this, as I have all my other Coxcomb stuff together but this on piece… Really kicking myself in the ass for losing this as I might have to go and re-purchase DAMN!!

Well till the next post

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