Saturday, July 30, 2011

Month 5

At our place rain storm=sewing awesome for me...
So as the clouds moved in and I listened to the thunder and such...The clouds became black and then the skies open upped... And down came the rain and the pea, golf sized hail.  Yup that's right hail... Us farms/ranchers do not like hail no we do not...So as the ground got saturated and my plants got watered, I decided to do some sewing...

Well I finished the Pinwheels and the 9 patch.  I was working on the other block but I missed cut my brown for the 9 patch so I have to go and get some more brown in order to finish... That seems to be the story of my life.  Miss cutting, I always find away to miss cut at least once in a quilt... Ok maybe 2 or more times in a quilt which costs me a lot of extra money to keep re-buying the fabric that I had to begin with...

9 Patch
Till Next time

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